Save Money On Your Diet By Using Weekly Ads at the Supermarket

With the ever-increasing costs of groceries it seems $150 a week for the average family doesn’t cut it anymore. If you are single, you’ll be lucky to spend less than $300-$400 a month on groceries every month and that does not include going out to eat.

So, is there a way to cut these costs? I’m glad you asked. Of course there is. People do it all the time. However, it does little good if you aren’t consistent with it. In other words, what good is it if you save 30 dollars on one shopping trip every month? It probably won’t make a difference at all in your budget. Now if you save $30 on every trip, that’s a different story!

One of the most common complaints I hear from readers as well as family and friends is that it costs a lot of money to go on a good diet. For example, on the Atkins diet, you have to buy expensive protein sources and let’s not forget those pricey but delicious macadamia nuts!

While it’s true that most diets cost a little more money, you can save quite a bit of money if you use something called a ‘weekly ad”.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s that weekly circular that most supermarkets carry in the front of the store which tells you about all the sale prices and buy one get one free offers. Sadly, not many people take advantage of them and miss out on some serious savings every single year. Most of us just cruise right past them with our shopping carts thinking we don’t have time to sit there and go through them. Big mistake!

So, next time you make a shopping trip here’s what you can do to take advantage of your supermarket’s weekly ad:

  1. Check and see if You can save money on your diet by using weekly ads and slowly mixing in some coupons.your supermarket has an online presence and visit the website. Usually, they will have a link to their weekly ads and some even have a shopping cart where you can pick and choose your products, place them on a shopping list, and print the list out before you walk out the door.
  2. Look for the BOGO offers. Buy One Get One Free products are everywhere. You simply need to find out which supermarkets in your area carry them. Make a shopping list either online or a sheet of paper, starting with the BOGO offers. Then slowly fill in the rest of your list with products you normally buy. By doing so, it’s not unusual to save 20-40 dollars off your grocery bill, just about every time!
  3. Don’t be overly picky but don’t buy products you will not use. Sometimes, just to save a buck or two, we humans tend to buy something only because we think we are getting a good deal. When grocery shopping, this is a mistake! Only buy healthy products and products you know you and your family will eat.

With this method, you can say goodbye to those pesky coupons that become a little overbearing after a while. However, if you do choose to use coupons, you can increase how much you save on every trip by a nice margin. I suggest you use the weekly ads and if you want, mix in some coupons once you get used to using those weeklies. You will be a much more savvy shopper and you won’t believe how much money you can save once you get the hang of it. Of course, there will be better days than others so don’t expect to hit one out of the park on every single trip!


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