Whip Yourself Into Shape For the Summer

With summer here, many of us are a little disappointed in how we weren’t quite able to achieve all of our weight loss and body sculpting goals; but that’s OK!

I have been slacking off a little bit lately I have been slacking off a little bit lately and it’s probably due to the many great weekends with great friends that I’ve had in the past few weeks. While I’ve been having my fun I have also been neglecting my body a little bit.

Still, I know there’s nothing to be alarmed about. I can whip myself into as good as shape as possible within these next few weeks so that I can at least enjoy the last few weeks of summer in a better-looking body. Also, I need to keep the momentum going through the Fall and Winter so I can look even better for the following Summer.

Here is how I am going to do it:

  1. I’ll start working out with weight resistance exercises in the gym once again. I don’t need to lift anything heavy. I simply need to show up at the gym and use moderate weights while using the variety of awesome machines at my You Fitness club. I will concentrate on every part of the body so I can continue turning my body into a fat-burning machine. I hardly ever use free wights because the machines at You Fitness are so effective and convenient.
  2. Whip yourself into shape with a simple exercise and diet regimen.I recently joined Weight Watchers online because it’s easy for me to keep track of what I am eating through their points system. It works well for me. Using this, I will probably drop 3-4 pounds the first week and about 1-2 pounds for each of the next three weeks after that for a total of approximately 10 pounds. In four weeks I should be in pretty darn good shape.
  3. I’ll begin my daily 30 minute walks, Monday through Friday,  using my iPhone and listening to my favorite channels on Sirius radio through my headphones. The time goes by so quickly and it’s so relaxing!
  4. Now that summer is here, I’ll have to engage in some body brushing for my thighs, which are a problem area for me. I will do 5 minutes on each leg with firm strokes and I know without a doubt, I will see a noticeable improvement.

By late July, I’ll have one more summer month to look forward to with a much better-looking body and I’ll be enjoying the beach and pool. At the same time, I’ll have my feet up in a folding chair and I’ll be rewarding myself with a Margarita or two. Excuse me, waiter!