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Are You Having Trouble Motivating Yourself?

The alarm rings and you keep pounding the snooze button over and over. Once you do get out of bed, you struggle to the bathroom to get rid of all that water you drank the previous day and night. You stayed hydrated by drinking enough water, right? You shuffle into the kitchen with a pasty mouth and goop in your eyes from the night before, thinking if you don’t put the coffee on and drink some quickly, you won’t be able to get through the day.

You scurry back to the bathroom so you can begin your shower routine as you get ready for work, whether it’s at a place of business or your home! You sit down in your car seat or chair at home, wondering why you are so tired all the time and why you don’t seem to be motivated at all.

This is the story of the average American life…

If you can’t seem to find that motivation anywhere, your first mistake is that you’re reaching for coffee to give you energy when in fact all it will provide is the feeling of being less tired. Then, after two hours or so, you will be more tired than before! I know you’ve heard about how many different studies have proved coffee is good for you. I’m a firm believer in that coffee, while it does have some benefits for some people, is actually problematic for the average person. Before you start throwing tomatoes at me through the computer screen, let me explain.

People who suffer from anxiety can’t drink regular coffee at all. Even if they drink decaf, it contains several milligrams caffeine and it poses a problem in controlling their anxiety. So, for many people, this also raises their blood pressure and when they come down from a caffeine high they are more demotivated and tired than ever before! I love drinking decaf coffee but I limit myself to two cups a week because I suffer from mild anxiety. Now that we got that coffee bit out of the way, let’s talk about how you can motivate yourself.

If you are having trouble motivating yourself, there are ways you can fix this.Have you thought about getting enough sleep so you can stay motivated throughout the day? This seems to be a huge problem for so many people. Aside from the obvious negative effects on your health, you will find yourself hard-pressed to find any motivation whatsoever if you can’t get enough Z’s at night.

I have a couple of tricks you can use to change this; drink chamomile tea and go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual until you can find your comfort zone where you’re sleeping at least eight hours a day. If you are working so many hours that you find it difficult or even impossible to get eight hours of sleep, you may have to reconsider your employment hours or that second job altogether at some point. Your health is much more important than anything else and if you’re risking ending up 6 feet under, what good does it do for you to work 16 or 17 hours a day and sleep 4? Also, if you shoot for 9 hours of sleep a night you can just about guarantee that you’ll get at least 8.

This brings us to how important it is to exercise on a daily basis. But wait a minute! This requires motivation. Let’s come back to the subject of exercise a little later on after we talk a little more about how to get motivated easily.

Let’s talk about goals for a moment. Have you set any short or long-term goals? This could be for a side business, an exercise regimen, losing cellulite, or simply your desire to lose weight. If you don’t have anything to look forward to, how in the world are you going to motivate yourself?

I’ll give you a great hypothetical example. Jeff wakes up every morning knowing he’s going to have to pull a double shift from Monday through Thursday because he has elected to do so. You see,  he wants to earn more money for the next two months so he can take his family on a nice vacation within the next three months during the summer. Sandy, on the other hand, is married to her job which places undue stress and unreasonable demands on her work schedule. She has to stay late until 7 PM every single day just so she can meet deadlines and keep her job. Furthermore, she’s on salary, so she doesn’t even get paid overtime for her work. Now you tell me who’s going to be more motivated?

Sometimes, even though it looks like there is no way to improve a situation at work, there is a solution. You just need to find it!

It’s important to respond to your failures with a winning attitude. If you get lost in the negative instead of focusing on the positive you will sell yourself short and find it extremely difficult to motivate yourself. Focus your eyes on the prize that lays ahead instead of the misery you just left behind. Set short and long-term goals and celebrate each victory, no matter how small.

Getting back to exercise, if you set goals and reward yourself every time you reach a milestone, that alone may be enough motivation for you to reach any other exercise goal you set in the future.

Try doing things that make you happy. Do things for others, too. A person who is happy in their life is much more likely to be highly motivated than one who isn’t.

Here’s another neat little trick I use to stay motivated. Focus on just a few things that make you happy or that can make you happy in the future. As an example, my children make me happy. I love caring for and nurturing them and enjoying my free time whenever possible with them. I also love to focus on my health because I have always wanted to be in good shape and look my best. The moment I started seeing progress a few years ago, that alone was motivation enough for me to continue my journey down this path to living a healthy life and looking as good as possible. I love going to the gym because it’s my time to take care of me! Another focus of mine is making a good living and trying my best to make even more money so that I can enjoy those little luxuries in life that I once didn’t have. However, I try not to do it at the expense of family time which is not always possible. Still, I am always finding ways to achieve a healthy balance between work life and my personal life. Those three things alone are enough to get me out of bed every morning with a sunny disposition ready to face the world.

What do you focus on?