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How Much Water Should I Drink Every Day?

It seems there is so much confusion and false information on how much water a human being should be drinking every day in order to stay healthy. Let’s make one thing very clear here for all of us. If you want to get rid of cellulite, you have to stay properly hydrated, all the time!

There is only one problem. What does it mean to stay properly hydrated? You can look around the Internet, read the best health books, or even consult with your physician. Most will tell you the same thing; if you feel thirsty, you have not been drinking enough water and you need to hydrate yourself better.

When I am dehydrated the following day after a night out with the girls after sipping one too many Margaritas, I feel thirsty until I drink a few bottles of water over the course of a few hours. Alcohol will dehydrate your body no matter how many precautions you take. I rarely drink but when I do, I drink a glass or bottle of water after every libation so I don’t get hammered and so I don’t become as dehydrated.

For you wine drinkers out here; haven’t you noticed how thirsty you feel the morning after? That’s why, first thing in the morning, you need to start hydrating yourself or you will not feel as well as you should be feeling throughout the day.

You should drink enough water so you don't constantly feel thirsty.So, how much water should you drink every day? It varies from person to person. If you feel thirsty every now and then, you are probably not dehydrating yourself and you are drinking enough water. There is no need to go overboard and start adhering to drinking 10 bottles of water every day! However, if you feel thirsty every day, you probably need to increase your water intake. May I suggest you drink at least three more bottles or glasses of water a day, spaced out so that your intake doesn’t all get expelled in your urine. In other words, it does no good to drink 3 glasses of water in 10 minutes because your body does not have time enough to use the liquid, so the excess water goes straight out through your urine. It is better to drink a glass every 15 minutes so your body can utilize the water efficiently and place you in a hydrated state.

If you are planning to exercise or engage in some type of activity in the hot outdoors, it’s a good idea to start hydrating yourself by drinking a bottle of water every 30 minutes for at least 2 hours. This will ensure proper hydration and it will minimize your chances of becoming dehydrated, as long as you continue drinking water once you have started your activity.

If you are severely dehydrated, don’t ever hesitate to call 911 or visit the hospital emergency room; this is nothing to take lightly or play around with!

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