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Shortcut for Getting Into Great Shape at Home

Who needs a gym when you simply want to tone up your body? I have always been a firm believer in how a gym membership can provide you a shortcut to success as long as you go to the gym at least five times a week and maintain consistency. The reality is most people can’t stick to a routine away from home due to family or work obligations. Luckily, we don’t really need a gym membership to get into good shape because we have a place we can go that offers no excuses for not exercising – in our very own homes!

Think back over the last three years to how often you have been exercising on a regular basis and I bet only 10% (tops!) have exercised 4-5 days a week consistently throughout this time period. Look, I don’t blame you and I am certainly not chastising you for your lack of effort or forethought. It’s just life, right? We all learn the hard way after a while that without plenty of effort, there is no way to achieve any of our goals. If you don’t put forth the right amount of effort to remove or at least reduce the cellulite on your body, don’t expect to get results. It simply won’t happen. I’m not saying that to be mean or anything but I hear all the time from my family members and friends how nothing works in their journey to losing weight and then I see them at a family gathering stuffing their faces with two pounds of fatty meat and a whole key lime pie. I mean, c’mon!

If you don’t have access to a gym, if you are tired of going to the gym, or if you simply want to take a break and still get into shape, here’s an easy exercise plan to follow:

All you have to do is 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week!

Here’s a sample plan for people who are off work on Saturday and Sunday;


30 minutes of power walking or bicycling at a brisk pace.

Getting into great shape at home is very easy if you follow a plan and stick with it.That’s it. Mondays are usually the worst day to exercise for most people, especially those who are still a little tired form going to the beach, pool, etc. on Sundays. So put your headphones on, listen to your favorite tunes, and sweat out those nasty toxins from all that lite beer you drank on the weekend by walking with a purpose. It doesn’t get any easier than this and it is so good for you!


20 minutes of power walking or bicycling.


Perform each of these lower body exercises, three sets of each (8-12 repetitions). (Should take approximately 10 minutes). Make sure you stretch a little bit before starting.

1. Squats – this exercise works your quadriceps, your hamstrings, and your calves to lesser degree. Place your feet shoulder width apart and while keeping your back as straight as possible, inhale as you slowly drop your butt so that your upper leg is parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position as you exhale and repeat.

2. Calf raises – find a stairwell, wood block, or any area that allows you to stand on it and lower your heel comfortably without touching the floor. Place your feet shoulder width apart while resting the balls of your feet on the stairs or wooden block. Lower your heel until you feel your calf muscle stretch and using the balls of your feet, push up until your calf muscle contracts.


30 minutes of power walking or bicycling.


30 minutes of power walking or bicycling.


30 minutes of power walking or bicycling.


Perform each of these upper body exercises, three sets of each (8-12 repetitions). (Should take approximately 10 minutes). Make sure you stretch a little bit before starting.

1. Push-Ups –  this exercise is perfect for toning your whole upper body with special emphasis on your chest and triceps muscles. If you can’t do these on your toes, you can use your knees as the anchor.

2. Crunches – you only have to work your abs one day out of the week to see progress. Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Interlock your fingers behind your head. Lift your lower back slightly off the floor while squeezing your abdominal muscles and hold that position for 3 seconds, then lower yourself back to the starting position and repeat.

If you stay consistent with this workout routine and follow a sensible diet with low-glycemic foods, you will see results.

This is the perfect workout for someone who doesn’t have time or the means to go to a gym. There is no excuse any longer!

Let me know how it works out.