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Are You Wondering About The Cellulite Cream That Works Best?

As you are no doubt aware, there are hundreds of cellulite creams on the market, which means you might be left wondering about the cellulite cream that works best?

This is actually a difficult question to answer, mainly due to the fact that these cellulite cream companies use actors and fake testimonials in their advertising, which means it’s really hard to find real user reviews from people who have had success with a particular cellulite cream.

More About Cellulite

It is estimated that around 75% of women have cellulite, and although it is a problem mainly faced by this particular gender, there is mounting evidence to suggest that men are also starting to suffer from the problem.

So what is the cause of celThe cellulite cream that works best is Procellix according to many reputable sources.lulite? Ultimately, there are many different theories out there, that range from poor diet, genetics, eating too much fat, and lack of exercise, but in the end nobody can say exactly what causes this unsightly skin condition. Experts in the medical field continue to be baffled!

Curing Cellulite

Interestingly, cellulite creams have to be very careful about what claims they make, and if you read the label of any cream closely then you will notice that none actually say they can cure cellulite.

Typically, the main claim is to “help in the reduction” of cellulite, which unfortunately is the best that most women can hope for. You see, in the vast majority of cases it is just unreasonable to expect that you can get rid of cellulite completely, although you could reduce it to a point where it is barely visible with naked eye.

For most women this is more than acceptable, as all they want to do is show off their body without feeling embarrassed, so in reality it’s not really necessary to eliminate cellulite completely.

Which Cellulite Cream Works the Best?

Unfortunately, there is no way to say which cellulite cream works the best, because every woman responds differently to a cream, and what works for one person might not work for another. Therefore, the only way to identify the best cellulite cream for your own particular skin is to try out a few different creams until you start seeing results.

However, Aminophylline Cream and Retinol Cream are the two cutting edge creams that are working most right now for cellulite sufferers. Aminophylline creams contain an organic mixture that is used mainly as an asthma medication and when you apply it to your problem areas, it can help break down the fat that trapped in your cells. It is not cheap, though, but is highly recommended by prominent physicians, including the famous Dr. Oz.

Procellix (6oz.) Cellulite Gel is a good Aminophylline type cream I recommend.

Retinol creams have vitamin A in them which make it easy for you to break down collagen in your body. This in turn, makes your body appear smoother with less visible dimply areas on your skin. Neutrogena Anti-Cellulite Treatment, Retinol Formula, 5 fl oz is a great one to choose here and is available at stores such as Walgreens and CVS.

It is generally accepted that you should give any cellulite cream an honest try for at least 4 to 6 weeks, and not use two cellulite creams at the same time because this could impair the results. Once you find a cream that works, then make sure you continue to use it on a daily basis, as stopping for even a few days could lead to the cellulite becoming visible again.

If you are still a bit skeptical about spending your hard earned cash on a cellulite cream, then there are two things that you should look out for to give you more peace of mind.

Firstly, make sure there is a money back guarantee offered with the cellulite cream, so you can easily return the bottle after you have given it an honest try and not seen any positive results.

Secondly, look for cellulite creams that offer a free trial bottle, which in most cases means you will only have to pay for postage and packaging, thus not requiring you to spend much money upfront.

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