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Breakthrough Halozyme Cellulite Drug HTI-501 Looks Promising

The use of the experimental drug Halozyme HTI-501 to improve the appearance of cellulite proved to be effective during during a recent trial in San Diego. A panel of doctors conducted the test and found that 28 days after the treatment they had met the goal of
improving the appearance in the specifically treated areas of the skin. Every long now and then, I get excited when a treatment comes along and this one looks like it’s the real deal.

The results of the recent study showed that in 36 patients there was a significant reduction in cellulite. We’re talking roughly a 50% improvement. The study was conducted with three dermatologist who had no idea which patient was being treated with HTI501. Lo and behold, the subjects who were picked as the ones who had significant improvement in their cellulite reduction were the ones who were using the drug.

HTI-501 contains an enzyme that can break down collagen under the skin wherever it is injected. This basically means that if this treatment becomes available to us, it would simply require injections in the affected areas of the body for us to see significant improvement within 28 days or so. I call that pretty promising!

Now for the downside; it’s not that I am negative or cynical. It’s just that the company Halozyme Therapeutics is just another business entity conducting a study for their own product. In other words, if I had a product I was trying to get off the ground, I could easily round up a few physicians to support my product’s effectiveness if I really looked hard and if I could gather the necessary funding.

Therein lies the problemHalozyme HTI-501 showed some promising results during a recent clinical trial. with these types of studies; even though these studies must adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) some people have conducted fake clinical trials. This has left many people skeptical of any company’s claims to the effectiveness or safety of a drug.

What I’m trying to say is although there is no indication this study was tainted or intentionally favorable to the makers of the experimental drug, Halozyme Therapeutics, I’ll believe these results once they are approved for the market and if they actually get results!