5 Snack Shortcuts To Lose Weight Quickly and Easily

It seems a lot of us wonder how other people lose weight so quickly while we tread along at a snail’s pace trying to shed one measly pound. If this is you, don’t feel so bad.

I recently ran into a co-worker whom I will call Debbie while at lunch at a Fuddrucker’s (yes, occasionally I treat myself!) and she stopped me while I was loading tons of condiments on my turkey burger….yumm!

I should have known what she was going to ask me but she caught me off-guard and after saying the customary hello, she immediately remarked on my appearance, asking, “Sandra, what the heck have you done, you look great?” Of course I agreed in a nonchalant manner but I told her what I am about to tell you. It’s all about changing your lifestyle and not being afraid to go on a few diet cycles here and there of very little caloric intake compared to what you normally eat. Yes, in a way it’s cheating but it works!

*Note – Please consult with a physician before making any drastic changes in your diet…this is not for everyone!

Here is what I mean; if you can normally eat approximately 1,800 calories a day like me for a few weeks and maintain the same weight, you are bound to go over and have some extra weight creep up on you. You can then go on a cycle of restricting caloric intake to 1,000 a day to get your weight back down. Let’s say you save 800 calories consistently on one of these four-week cycles, here is what the breakdown looks like:

800 calories a day from Monday through Saturday = 800 X 6 days,…

Notice I said 6 days…this is because I eat a normal amount of food to keep up my weight one day out of the week on these cycles. Otherwise, I’d go nuts!

This equals = 4,800 calAre you frustrated because you are having trouble losing weight quickly and easily?ories, which equals = approximately 1 1/2 pounds because 3,500 calories equals roughly one pound (scientific data does not really support this exact figure). Anyway, for me it’s close enough!

So 1 1/2 pounds a week times 4 weeks = 6 lbs. in a month! Hello. I’m back to my normal weight!

This is the formula I use when I notice I’ve gained a few extra pounds (doesn’t this happen to just about everyone?). The trick is to monitor your weight and make adjustments when you have to. Also, I eat very few calories and carbohydrates 6 times a day.

The biggest reason I can easily lose weight when I have to is because I can reach for 5 different convenient snacks I consider my shortcuts to diet success.

Here are the 5 snack shortcuts I use constantly to successfully reach these goals:

      1. Turkey Perky Jerky is a great protein snack catching on all over the world. Turkey Perky Jerky (2.2 oz) – this awesome snack boasts just 100 calories, almost no sodium (100 mg) compared to other popular beef jerky, and it has a whopping 18 grams of protein in each bag. Wow, talk about a powerhouse. I got a little hooked on beef jerky a few years ago but had to let it go because the sodium content (1350 mg) was bloating me up like a balloon.
      2. Salt-free Melba toast are a very filling snack.Salt-Free Whole Grain Melba Toast – one little package contains about 100 calories and 22 grams of carbohydrates. Couple that with no sodium and you’ve got a very healthy snack with a few carbs that fills your tummy very efficiently. On many days during my diet cycles, I will eat a Turkey Jerky for a mid-morning snack and follow it with an individual package of Melba toast for a mid-afternoon snack. I rarely feel any hunger pangs with this combination and I credit this combination with being my “go to” savior.
      3. Boar's Head low sodium lunch meats are an excellent snack.Boar’s Head Lunch Meats – for a quick protein fix on my diet cycles, I reach for some roll-ups featuring Boar’s head low-salt lunch meats. I combine one or two slices of ham or turkey, depending on how thick the cut is, with half slices of fat-free American cheese. I also try to opt for the nitrite-free lean meats because these chemical tend to cause me migraine headaches. On a normal diet cycle day, i will load up a lunch box with seven of these babies and munch on them when I feel hungry.

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