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Scarlett Johansson Cellulite Headline Is Expected

A couple of years ago, there were headlines in quite a few publications as well as websites that read something to the effect of “Scarlett Johansson cellulite problem”. Imagine, you’re a movie star out on vacation and you’re simply trying to have a good time only to have some vultures secretly snap pictures of you from behind and from a great distance when you know you aren’t looking your best. Some of you may be thinking, “Oh well, she should know better. She’s the one who’s a star making millions and it is her job to look her best at all times.” I agree to certain extent.

However, what gives some of the media the right to say things such as, “What’s wrong with her boyfriend? Isn’t he turned off by Scarlett’s cellulite? Is he blind or what?” This to me, is absolutely disgusting but expected. Funny thing is; I don’t see what they see. I see Scarlett as a beautiful young lady and yes, perhaps she has a little bit of cellulite that becomes accentuated when the sunlight is shining down on her from up above. She’s still gorgeous.

Nothing and nobody gives the media the right to exploit an unfortunate situation but a few publications and websites always seem to find a way to do it. Scarlett Johansson joins a long list of celebrities who have gotten hit over the side of the head with a two by four when they have least expected it.  Stars with cellulite get their photos snapped all the time. Cheap journalists thrive on this fact and this will always be! Even models with cellulite exist!

Ahh, but there’s a silver lining here, somewhere. Here it is; Johansson said she is aware of her body’s imperfections and admits she wishes she didn’t have any cellulite. She publicly declared, however, that she is completely comfortable with her body and I am giving her a standing ovation for that comment. Good for her! C’mon, everybody stand up and clap!

scarlett-johansson-cellulite Lesson learned for us; we don’t need to obsess about our imperfections. Far less than 1% of the female population has what is considered by many as a flawless body and the point is subjective, anyway. What looks great to one person doesn’t look as good to another. This is why you should simply try to look your best with what the good Lord gave you! Be proud of what you’ve got and don’t be afraid to show it. Work hard on your body and don’t let yourself go. You will love yourself for it! Be comfortable with the way you look and make no apologies for any flaws.

Life is quite a journey. For some of us, when we were younger, our skin was glowing and cellulite didn’t even exist in our worlds. For others, cellulite has been a constant, like those nagging pimples that wouldn’t go away for a while. Either way, cellulite hits just about all of us without warning at some time or another in our lives. The way we handle it defines us as the type of people we are. We can choose to accept it or not. We can also sit on our hind ends and wallow in our self-pity saying, “Why me?” or we can choose to do something about it.

I choose to fight. How about you?