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Does Running Get Rid of Cellulite?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that most women have cellulite on some part of their body at some time or another in their lives. For me, this used to be extremely annoying, as I was always looking to cover up the area, and in many cases this led to feeling bad about myself. Let’s face it, those Hollywood stars never have to deal cellulite, so why should we have to suffer? It’s just not fair!

In your quest to find a solution, you might have asked yourself the question, “Does running get rid of cellulite?”

Actually, there is no straightforward answer to this question, as for some people it does, while others see no results at all. With this in mind, it’s highly advisable to try out many different things when you are looking to get rid of cellulite, so you can find out what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few things you can try…

Running and jogging

As mentioned earlier, this might work for you, so it’s definitely worth a try. If it’s been a while since you last engaged in this kind of activity, then you should start out slowly and take it easy for a few weeks so you can get into the swing of things.

Go for a jog in the morning before work, and then once you start to feel more comfortable increase the pace and push your limits. Give this an honest try for at least a month, preferably longer, so you can really find out if running gets rid of your cellulite.

The reason you will potentially see a big reduction of cellulite as a result of running is your muscle tone in your legs will greatly improve and you will lose fat, as long as you combine this type of exercise with a good diet.

Water with lemon juice

Something else you can try to help with eliminating cellulite is water with lemon juice. This has been working for many women, and is said to work particularly well if you have cellulite on your thighs or buttocks

In short, the lemon juice is great at detoxing your liver and giving you a vitamin C boost, which means all of those nasty toxins are flushed away allowing your skin to breath. The best time to drink water with lemon juice is first thing in the morning, right before you eat your breakfast.

Eliminate junk food

The link between cellulite and junk food is just too strong to ignore. This is mainly due to excessive amounts of salt and sugar used in such products, and also the harsh chemicals and harmful additives.

I mean….I have friends at the office who claim they can’t get rid of cellulite and the next thing I know, I catch them eating sugary pound cakes from Starbucks and a latte!

At the end of the day, your body was never meant to consume such foods, and cellulite might just be the skins way of crying out for help. In other words, stop abusing your body with this junk!

Empty your cupboards and fridge right away, and stop ordering takeaway food from the local fast food joints. This is the first step to a better and healthier life, and it might just be the key to unlocking the cellulite mystery and getting rid of it forever.

As far as pizza is concerned, make it a once-in-a-huge-while treat. I’m talking once every month, tops! Otherwise, you can probably sabotage your progress when you consume 5 slices at one setting, once every two weeks or so.

Try something already!

Does running get rid of cellulite?  No, but it sure does reduce it if you combine it with a great diet.No matter if you try running to get rid of cellulite or something else completely, the most important thing is that you try something. Don’t get caught in the vicious circle of doing nothing. Only people that take action will find a solution.

I can say I want to lose 5 pounds for the summer season and dream about it for two or three weeks when I could have put something in motion to get rid of the weight. I am able to reach my goals because I write them down in a journal. Maybe you should try this if you haven’t. By writing everything down, I am able to easily commit to everything I have laid out in my plan.

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