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Body Brushing For Cellulite – Does It Really Work?

Cellulite is a problem that has plagued women for centuries, and during that time, there have been many so called “cures” and “solutions” that have hit the market and promised instant results.

However, the vast majority of these products obviously don’t work, because if they did then cellulite would no longer be a problem.

Maybe you have heard about body brushing for cellulite and are wondering if it really works? Actually, many medical professionals have been recommending a dry brushing cellulite regime for years now, but unfortunately, it is not a widely used treatment simply because it takes a bit of work and does not promise an overnight solution.

The simple truth of the matter is that you will have to be very consistent with a body brushing regime, and it could be a few months before you start to notice any improvements.

For many women this is just too long to wait, which means they would prefer to try the latest and greatest “miracle cream” being endorsed by a celebrity.

If you are unlike most women out there, and are willing to give body brushing for cellulite an honest try, then the information below will help you.

Where do you buy a body brush?

Many department stores carry them in the beauty and skin care section and you can also find them online at Amazon or department store online sites such as Walmart and Target. Without a doubt, the best place to buy a body brush for cellulite is at a spa, as they have brushes that contain bristles made from natural materials. This is much better for your skin than synthetic bristles, as these are normally not suitable for every day use.

Use a dry brush

In order to give maximum stimulation to the blood vessels just under the skin, you should always use a dry brushing skin method when conducting your routine. Don’t make the mistake of using a wet brush, as you could end up just wasting your time and not seeing any positive results.

Frequency of body brushing

Body brushing for cellulite is very effective if done correctly.Ideally, you should spend at least 10 to 15 minutes a day brushing your body, and in the perfect scenario this would be done once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed.

Let’s face it though, you may live a very busy and hectic life, which means it might not always be possible to dedicate 30 minutes a day to body brushing. Ultimately, try to do as much as you can, and if you miss a day or two then it isn’t the end of the world.

How to brush

Obviously, the best place to brush is in the areas where you are most affected by cellulite, and this is usually on the legs, hips, buttocks, and stomach.

Try and use long sweeping brush strokes, and avoid going back and forth too quickly. Also, don’t be too harsh with the brush on your skin, as this could easily lead to skin irritation.

As you can see, body brushing for cellulite reduction is a straight forward process that only requires a little bit of effort on your part. Make sure you really do give it an honest try for at least a month or two, so your body has enough time to repair and restore itself and become cellulite free. It works really well for some people so it is definitely worth a shot.